Working With Us

Process To Deliver Exceptional Results

Our customized process consists of six steps. The order and timing of these steps can be modified based on our families’ needs.

Step 1:

Discovering your needs and aligning a planning strategy best suited to you

Step 2:

Plan Engagement to outline goals and consolidation of relevant documents and information

Step 3:

Plan Development and testing

Step 4:

Plan Delivery with recommended Action Plan

Step 5:

Plan Implementation and coordination of financial affairs

Step 6:

Assess Plan progression with life transformation

What To Expect

The process of reaching your life goals takes decades of hard work and diligence. During our first year together, we’ll work intensely to create your Financial Plan, based on our understanding of where you are and where you want to be. We’ll work together to ensure the recommendations produced by your Financial Plan are fully implementable.

We actively review your progress, offering guidance as you strive to meet your goals. Our follow-up meetings and reviews are often more frequent in the first year, as we get to know each other. This allows us to consult with you and make any necessary course corrections as quickly as possible, laying a solid foundation for years to come.

Financial Plan Review & Portfolio Construction

At this stage, we will present you with our initial recommendations for your investment portfolio. We will identify the other areas of your Action Plan that we can help you complete by the products and services we provide: Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, Long-Term Care Insurance, Education Savings accounts, and Investment Allocations for Employer sponsored retirement plans or other assets.


Both during plan construction and immediately following plan delivery and review, we will collaborate with financial professionals outside of our office with our recommendations that pertain to their area of focus.

Orientation Meeting

Approximately 30 days after your initial allocation, we will call you to review your new Raymond James statements, make certain you are comfortable logging in to the Client Access system to view your accounts, and will discuss our next steps for your Financial Plan implementation.

90 Day Check-in

We recognize that change is not easy and to ensure you are happy with the changes that have been made, we will check in to verify we are overachieving your expectations through best-in-class delivery.